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Our Approach to Investing

How do most investment companies operate? "They" build a portfolio of various investments (i.e. Stocks, Bonds, Debts, Equity, CDs, etc.) using actuaries they mathematically determine how much growth should be generated.  They look to generate 8% - 10% growth on an annual basis and there is very little concern on where their investments helps lives be better.  Your investment's mark on society is non-existent.  Plus you own nothing when the portfolio shuts down.

Our approach is as a Venture Fund.  Your investments are used to obtain ownership into startups, incubator launched companies, and established companies.  Even after a Fund is closed, you can still own up to 10% of several companies until you decide to sell your shares.  Instead of watching to see how "their" investments with YOUR money hopefully grows, you are an owner in the business and can have input into how YOUR money is being used today and into the future.

We at Tangier Service Capital Group, Ltd are focused on new ventures and existing early stage companies focused on helping people, Mother Earth and all societies.  It is very important any investments will not harm people or the Earth.  We have children, grand children and even great grand children where we want to leave the world BETTER for them rather than a mess for them to try and clean up.  This is a critical item when we investigate and underwrite any potential investment.

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