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Where you place an investment is critical to you, for income and growth, plus at Tangier Service Capital Group, Ltd we believe your investment should do good in the world and NOT be "make money at any cost". We invest into new projects and existing companies which will make a positive difference for people.  We do not provide loans or just buy shares, instead we are a Venture/Private Equity investor, taking ownership into the company and working directly with Company Management to help them achieve success. When you place your investment with Tangier Service Capital Group, Ltd you become an owner, not just a shareholder.

Business Planning

Tangier Service Capital Group, Ltd not only underwrites potential projects / companies for investments but also works directly with their Management Team to review and / or create a Business Plan.  Why???  Simply stated, by working with a potential investment Management Team, we get deep into the positives and negatives of their business which provides us the best insights to their potential for success. We do not only trust what we are presented, we get inside and confirm what we are being told by Management.  We do not just Underwrite, we Investigate.

Business Operations

Once Tangier Service Capital Group, Ltd invests into a company (new or existing) we do not sit back and wait to see if there is success, we monitor their bank accounts and verify they are meeting their projected deliverables for the investment. We ensure your investment is being used as expected and the company's management team is properly executing the plan for the investment. By closely monitoring the company's execution, we will quickly be aware of any problems before a total loss on the investment. Instead we will have time to hopefully turn things around or "cash out" our position before more losses occur.  We may even take over full control of the company if it is believed a change of management can change a loss into profits.

Taking Your Investments to the Next Level

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